Protecting and Expanding Parklands

TASC is dedicated to creating and preserving the green spaces in Topanga and the Santa Monica Mountains. TASC led the effort to create Edelman Park at the headwaters of Topanga Creek, now a 652 acre park.

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The Topanga Canyon Roadside

TASC's involvement in the Roadside Committee along with Cal Trans, the Watershed Committee  and other Topanga non-profit organizations, has helped to prevent the use of dangerous herbicides and pesticides along the shoulder of our Canyon.  This is critical in keeping the local flora and fauna healthy, and our roadside greenery chemically free for our children and visitors.

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Community Outreach

CURRENT:  The TOPANGA SCENIC HIGHWAY POSTER CONTEST. After an long effort sponsored by TASC and the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, this spring, the lower stretches of  Topanga Canyon received a Scenic Highway designation--the first such award in LA County in 47 years.

To commemorate this achievement and involve our young Topangans in the quest to preserve our wonderful community, TASC, with the help of Susan Clark of Topanga Animal Rescue, has held a poster contest at Topanga Elementary School.  Prizes for the winners were sponsored by the local real estate agents and are to be presented at the Ribbon Breaking Ceremony at Will Geer Theatricum on Friday, June 16 at 2 pm.  Please join us.



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JOIN TASC TODAY and become part of a tradition of responsibility, caring and dedication dating back to the 1960s. It is our job to preserve the vanishing green spaces.  Let's do it together!

Contact:   Roger at 310 455 2951