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TASC Mission

January 31st, 2008 by admin

TASC is an organization of residents and/or property owners in the Topanga Canyon area concerned about the future of our community.  We realize that Topanga hillsides, ridgelines, and oak woodlands will continue to be threatened by development.  We also realize that if planned and controlled, development can occur without the wholesale destruction of the Canyon’s scenic qualities and unique character. Homes and roads can be built without massive grading or butchering of trees, rocks and streams.We support development and growth that does not leave a wake of barren gashes flat fill, and closely packed tract houses. We support development and growth that takes into account the natural character of the area, the natural contours of the land, the natural assets of its trees, hills and rock outcroppings.For this reason we have joined TASC, to let the people of Topanga and the County of Los Angeles know that dense tract homes are not the only answer, and that development and expansion can occur without destroying forever the very reasons that brought us here.TASC will continue to work with our County Supervisor  and the Regional Planning Commission to encourage use of population densities and development principles that will make possible an enlightened, intelligent planned expansion. We urge the designation of trails and the preservation of parks and nature study areas in Topanga.We welcome your support, your membership in TASC, and your active participation in the task before us.