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20/20 Vision

January 30th, 2008 by admin

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Topanga’s Beautiful Environment—what we have and why it’s worth saving


Past: History of TASC inextricably linked to Land Use Plans


Future: What do you want Topanga to look like in the year 2020?

Scenic place—the creek, oaks, chapporal, mountain views, ocean proximity


Wildlife habitat

Water quality

Species diversity Native plants & animals

Residential community

450px-Hiking_Topanga_State_Park.jpg Quality of life

Human density limits?

Human health (herbicide/pesticide, septic) and safety (fire/traffic)

006 - LA City FD Fire 3 Topanga Water Drop Bell Canyon - 9-28-05.jpg


Gentrification (McMansions)?’


Green’ building requirements?

Density limits vs. cluster development? 276713375_b489389dfa.jpg

Business community Community identity

Traffic & transportation impacts topanga_sign.jpg

Present:How to best insure 2020 Vision aspects are met?

Local Coastal Plan How to balance Owners rights & Environmental protections

North Area Plan as model?

Does it address 2020 Vision desires?

How is ‘coastal’ Topanga different?

Malibu/CalCoastalComm LCP

How is ‘coastal’ Topanga different/similar?

Does it address 2020 Vision desires?

How to have most effective political impact?

County or Coastal Commission or ?

Obviously, all of these impact each other interactively. Finding the right balance is the key.