The Scenic Highway Effort

HI!  And welcome to TASC’s new web page.

If you have chosen to live in Topanga, one of the reasons is likely to be that the environment is beautiful, natural, filled with wildlife and amazing parklands. Look at the rest of our immense LA County.  Much of it has lost these qualities.  Even areas further north and west have succumbed to sub-urban sprawl. But not Topanga. And it is not an accident. This is a community that takes pride in its uniqueness and the individuality of its residents. It is a community that has fought hard to retain the the scenic beauty and its closeness to nature. If these qualities are important to you and your family, you can become a part of this amazing endeavor–to keep Topanga beautiful and unique. The fight goes on and always will.    

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to read about who we are and what we do by visiting the About US page.  As a non profit community organization, our success is dependent on volunteers who chip in to see that TASC’s mission to keep Topanga scenic is always a success. Join us. Become a part of the process. Many hands make for easier work, and there is much to do.

TASC has worked hard to get parts of our Canyon designated as a scenic highway. To bring the importance of this home, and to focus our children on the beauty they live with every day, TASC sponsored a poster contest at Topanga Elementary School. The theme: TCB Forever Scenic. Winners will be announced and prizes will be given at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Will Geer Theatricum on Friday, June 16, 2017.

But it is not just about prizes and posters…we endeavor to enlist the energy, enthusiasm and joy of our young Topangans and their parents and families. It is a privilege to live here in the Santa Monica Mountains, to go to a school with a view that rivals many major parks. And the kids know it! We all hope to see their kids enjoying the same beauty and the same view.

Ensuring this takes work…rewarding work we invite you to be a part of. Have a look on the poster page. Enjoy the winner’s efforts. Have a look at the About Us page and join us in future out reach projects like this one–join us in helping to keep Topanga Forever Scenic.

Join TASC.


Call Roger, Board President:  at 310 455 2951